Form and Function Crew is a true enthusiast group. They’re all about the love and passion behind the build. As a brand we’re all about the looks (Form) but we also care about performance and usability of our vehicles (Function).

Stance and slammed isn’t something we’re into, but we respect and understand your build. It’s your car, you do as you please and what makes you happy. We will never judge your vehicle or your choices on your build, but it eliminates a large part of our functionality being slammed or stanced. There is a running test here, “If you can’t make it over a speed bump, your car isn’t functional.” Which is what we stand behind as part of a membership test if your car is questionably low.

We host shows, events, cruises and a weekly meet.

Check out our Event tab on the main page for a list of all our events/shows/meets coming up.

Also shows we will be attending and cruises set up to them if we’re not a vendor will be posted on that page as well as FB.

Any questions our contact info are as follows:

IG: FormandFunctionCrew

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